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Newcastle Homes in Frisco, Texas, in the Richwoods subdivision is a scam.They have HORRIBLE customer service and are TERRIBLE at communication.

This is supposed to be a custom builder but they do NOT want to spend time with customers who want to "customize" their home. They are only after money. They have no interest in helping families build their dream home; they want a quick sale. If you live in Frisco and have more than two children, this is NOT the builder for you.

If you have questions during the home building/design process, this is NOT the builder for you.Run away from Newcastle Homes in Frisco, especially Newcastle in the Richwoods subdivision.

Review about: Horrible Customer Service.


Frisco, Texas, United States #787139

We also had an excellent experience with Newcastle Homes.I liked that we dealt with the same people every time.

We found them to be very honest and trustworthy, and didn't try to overcharge us on extras. They were very willing to allow us to customize our home, so it was exactly what we wanted.

If we ever build a house again, they would be the first builder we would go to.

Frisco, Texas, United States #727958

My wife and I were among the first to build with Newcastle in this neighborhood, and the post above does not accurately reflect our experience whatsoever....quite the opposite actually.While all homebuyers are entitled to their own opinion and have their own experience with Newcastle, I can only say that my family and any other family (several) that we know in a Newcastle home in this development is very, very happy.

Sorry that you had a different experience, but very glad that most don't.It was a great buying experience for us :)

to Richwoods Home Owner #732006

Awesome for you, really.And sure, if you were among the first, I am sure it was a great experience.

But, it SUCKED for us. Robert and Colleen were H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E. Two times. So, enjoy living there and congratulations on your home.

This was actually a good thing - we were blessed to NOT go with Newcastle Homes in Richwoods Frisco, Texas. These were unethical people who did not follow the same 'policies' with all customers.

Inconsistent, rude, bad communication, and just concerned about the $$$$ - not your family or life-changing experience purchasing a home.

Frisco, Texas, United States #725760

I personally do not agree to the previous post.

We built a custom stucco home with NewCastle Homes in the Richwoods community and we had a wonderful experience with the NewCastle team. They are very straight forward and honest builders. They are very flexible to work with. Some other builders only give a few hour appointment in which you have to make all your selections but with New Castle we had multiple appointments to make selections during the entire home building process. We sometimes changed our mind on few selections and they would always accommodate us. We always valued their honest input. Some of the features which would be upgrades with other builders were standard for them. Even their upgrades are very reasonable compared to other builders. They were always open to our ideas and built what we wanted.

It's been over four months since we have moved and even for a minor touch up or a minor fix we just email them and their crew would be immediately there to take care of it. We certainly cherish our experience with NewCastle Homes and in future if we decide to build a custom home again we will certainly want NewCastle Homes to built it!

to PV #732021

Great, I personally do not agree with your post.You were probably one of the people monopolizing all of Colleen's time so she could not take care of new customers.

And, since Colleen does not believe in training the ladies in the model home to help her, everyone 'new' suffers. It's lovely that you had the experience of a lifetime with Newcastle Homes in Frisco. You don't have to agree with our post; you live there already. Our post is meant for new buyers who are doing their homework; we are trying to spare another family the same agony that we experienced.

Plain and simple - go somewhere else. RUN away from Newcastle Homes. They will not service you the way you deserve for the money you will give them. They just want your money, period.

And, they will disrespect your family as well as other families - behind your back.

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